Beasts Challenges FAQ

No, you would still run a single mile. Think of the Mile Marker as the year number, because that's what it truly represents.

For your first year, you run 1 mile and are at mile marker 1.
For your second year, you run 1 mile and are at mile marker 2.
For your third year, you run 1 mile and are at mile marker 3 and so on.

If an Event or Challenge says you need to use 50 lbs but doesn't specify the weight type to use, it is up to you to determine what to use for the weight.

Some ideas for weight types:

  • gravel
  • dumbbells
  • sand bags
  • sand
  • steel shot
  • your dog
  • your kid(s)
  • water

You get the idea. The weight type may have unique issues. Dumbbells can easily shift, same with kids or dogs. Water will be very unstable and require a lot of space. Feel free to get creative.

Most of the events listed on the event pages are in the PNW or adjacent. This is because that's the home base of Beasts OCR.

Local Races is just that, local to where YOU are. If you travel to a different state or country and run in a race that is local (non national, small event), you are there running in that local race. It counts.

For the first year (2018), any non traditional road race was acceptable, some small 5k road races were counted.

This year it's a little different. Trail Races, Obstacle Course Races and Endurance events are all good, we are an OCR team after all. If any race counted, we’d have to up the requirements as there are tons of local 5ks and such. We're not saying you should not support those races, you totally should, but they will not count for this challenge.

If a Beasts OCR team is not listed in a race you are running and you are in the Pacific Northwest, please feel free to create a team with the name of “Beasts OCR”, with two words. If you are outside of the PNW, check the Racing with a Family Team FAQ.

If you are able to set a password, please leave it blank so anyone can join the team. Beasts OCR is an inclusive group. We are open to any and all racers.

If you are racing in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, you will want to select or create a team as “Beasts OCR”.

If you are racing in Nevada or Utah, please sign up with the team name of “Warrior State of Mind

Racing in Colorado? Please select “Colorado Obstacle Racers”.

For Montana, please select “406Spartans

For Texas, please select “Lone Star Spartans

Racing in Atlanta? Please join up with “Georgia Mud Runners and Obstacle Racers”.

Anybody running an X Warrior challenge, feel free to start a Beasts OCR team.

Racing in British Columbia in Canada, please select and join GRIT FARM OCR. (Grit OCR is a different team)

Racing in Hawaii, please select and join "Hawaii Spartan Ohana"



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